Montecavi Srl


The first commissioners, Zoppas and Ferrari, were gradually joined by industrial groups of international importance in different market sectors. The intense and uninterrupted technical collaboration with companies operating in a variety of production sectors has stimulated a continuous process of growth and acquisition of diversified expertise.

The cultural attitude of the company is characterized by an assiduous attention to the needs of its customers, by the permanent training of qualified and committed personnel to maintain absolute and non-negotiable quality levels. This is because Montecavi is aware that the components supplied must be placed at critical points on the final product or used in delicate production processes.

A clever vision of the future allows Montecavi to continuously and consistently increase its innovation and development. A vision that has led to the gradual expansion of its production capacity and its success in the sector.

In 1996, Montecavi initiated a path that in 2001 led to the creation of a production unit in the Czech Republic, in a strategic position to supply Eastern European countries.

After more than 50 years of activity, Montecavi appears as an established company in the sector. Thanks to its expertise, it boasts excellent company performance.

The lean and flexible production structure, combined with constant attention to the management of acquisitions, allows it to maintain a dynamic and efficient approach to the market by providing timely responses to the changes that it imposes.

In a perspective always attentive to the opportunities of the international market, today Montecavi boasts trustworthy business relationships with some the major European manufacturing companies.