Wiring Harnesses

The company produces a wide range of wiring harnesses that are used in many industrial sectors. Our customers are provided with a customized service of projecting and sampling of wiring harnesses, designed to match their specific requirements.



Wiring harnesses for household appliances, such as wiring harnesses for cooling, washing and cooking, has always been a strength of the company, both for home products and for industrial equipment. Montecavi has a consolidated experience that, in more than fifty years, has allowed it to boast many customers Leader in the sector.

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Since the first wiring harnesses made, Montecavi is directly and indirectly linked to the automotive sector. As is well known, the sector requires very high quality standards and company performance. By collaborating at first with Ferrari in the 1970s and 1980s in the production of wiring harnesses for cars, then with light clusters and lights for earth-moving machinery, the company has been able to begin a process of experience that has led it to acquire consolidated know-how in the sector.

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Today, light is also and above all a question of style. For this reason, the realization of wiring and connections must go hand in hand, paying attention not only to performance but also to the aesthetic factor. Montecavi brings its experience and skills for the production of electrical wiring that meets the requirements of design, effectiveness and efficiency in terms of electrical transmission to many companies in the industry of LED and lighting technology, in its broadest spectrum.

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The constant development of the home automation segment has imposed a parallel increase in its electrical and electronic components. Montecavi has evolved over the years, reaching important goals in terms of expertise and market shares in the civil and industrial automation sector, automatic doors and gates, motors and overhead doors.

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Important companies in the heating and air conditioning sector entrust Montecavi with the realization of their wiring harnesses. The excellent quality of cables and sheaths for high temperatures and the production techniques used ensure that the safety standards are guaranteed in every boiler, pellet stove, heat pump, etc.

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Equipment for physical and mental well-being is today increasingly involved in the process of informatization. Nowadays, the digital connection is present in every aspect, guaranteeing the user a continuous control of the data and allowing an increasingly interactive and dynamic physical activity, both in the gym and at home. The expertise of Montecavi in ​​the production and its predisposition to new technological challenges have meant that the most important manufacturer of sports equipment and fitness machines worldwide has entrusted the collaboration in the design, production and supply of wiring harnesses.

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They are made with extreme attention to detail to ensure connections of high reliability and safety. Wiring harnesses for electronics - audio/video applications: given the importance of signal purity, shielded cables are used for complete control of line disturbances. Constant impedance cables are used to achieve the best audio-visual performance. Coaxial cable and antenna cable wiring: Coaxial cable is one of the fundamental parts of a good system, the quality of which cannot be saved. The equipment and techniques of Montecavi allow the processing with extreme accuracy. Data transmission cables: UTP cables, FTP cables and flat cables up to the smallest sections are connected to RJ45 sockets, D-SUB25 connectors, board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors to ensure data transmission in absolute safety.

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